Copy development

Copy development

Call on our advice at any stage of the creative process

When you start considering ad clearance at the start of the creative process, it’s easier to make sure your ad meets all regulatory requirements. What’s more, the advertising rules can even spark ideas and inspiration.

Our copy development services can help ensure your concepts, creative ideas and claims don’t run into any clearance issues. We’ll work with you throughout the creative process, shaping ideas and finding new angles.

When you work with us earlier, you’ll save time, effort, stress and money, because the clearance process will be quicker and easier:

  • Identify potential clearance problems with your campaign.
  • Have claims assessed before your ad script is finalised.
  • Get help from our expert consultants if required.

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Is the copy development service for us?

Our copy development service is useful to all advertisers. However, it can be particularly helpful for agencies or advertisers working in highly competitive, contentious or complicated areas.

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