Bioglan Superfoods Case Study

Bioglan Superfoods Cacao Case Study - June 2015

Copy Development is a premium service that provides advice and guidance to agencies and advertisers when they are developing their concepts, creative and claims. Often advertisers want to make claims that require assessment by one of our external consultants. In these cases the consultant will be involved in the copy development discussions.

The Client
Bioglan Superfoods is a product range belonging to Pharmacare. They requested a Copy Development meeting with our nutrition consultant to discuss the storyboard for their Organic Cacao product.

The Meeting
The meeting included the Copy Development manager Seb Lynch, Clearcast’s nutrition consultant, Pharmacare’s Head of Marketing, Regulatory & Technical Manager and Brand Manager. In the meeting we talked through the storyboard, identifying the claims that required substantiation and discussed what that substantiation should look like. We also discussed amendments to both the voice over and the visuals that would be necessary to ensure the ad was not misleading and was in line with Nutrition and Health Claim regulations.

The Follow-Up
There remained a claim which required further research by the consultant so the following day she provided further guidance to address this one outstanding point. Pharmacare now had a clear understanding of what was required from them to produce an approvable script. Before submitting the final script for clearance they sent their updated storyboard to Seb for a sense check. Following guidance from Seb they made a final amendment and were ready for clearance.

Pharmacare submitted their script and substantiation with confidence, in the knowledge that they had followed the development advice and had guidance from the nutrition consultant who would be responsible for reviewing the final script on Clearcast’s behalf. As it happened the Copy Team raised an issue resulting from a precedent which would have required extra superimposed text, but fortunately Seb was able to help resolve this due to his in-depth knowledge of the claims and the relevant regulation, and the script was duly approved. This provides a good example of how useful it can be to involve Clearcast so closely when developing a campaign.

The Testimonial
The session was extremely helpful, all of us thought it was really worthwhile and has helped move things on considerably in only 90 minutes – saving us lots of back and forths. It was a really invaluable session where they helped us to identify exactly what we needed to submit.

Georgia - Pharmacare

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