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Notes of guidance

Guidance notes

Detailed information about how we interpret the BCAP Code

The British Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) Code sets out the rules for what adverts broadcast in the UK can and can’t contain.

The full Code is available on the BCAP website. However, we also produce guidance notes containing our views on how the Code should be interpreted. They’re useful to advertisers, agencies and broadcasters that want to understand how the rules work in practice.

We work hard to keep our guidance updated in line with the latest information from BCAP, and to reflect ASA rulings on complaints.

Download guidance notes now >> CONTENT TO COME
(PDF, 1.3MB)

This is a substantial document, so we’ve separated it into sections which you can download if you wish and you will be able to search within it via the usual search function.

If you have any feedback on our guidance notes, or suggestions for improvements, please speak to your Clearcast contact or send an email to mailto:notesofguidance@clearcast.com.

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