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Helping you make your script submission FAQ

Ad scripts FAQ

Answers to questions about submitting scripts for clearance

Ad clearance basics

What is Adway?

Adway is our online system that allows you to submit scripts for clearance. It’s the fastest way to get your scripts cleared, because it consolidates all materials and communications in one place. We are replacing Adway with a new system called CopyCentral in the summer of 2014 and have made the necessary preparations with existing organisations active on Adway.

How do I sign up for Adway? Just fill in our Adway log in form.

Getting in touch with us

How do we find out who our contact is at Clearcast? Head on over to our contact us page and enter your agency or company name into the Find your copy clearance executive box. Alternatively, just call us on 020 7339 4700 and we’ll connect you to the right person. Who should we contact if we have a script query? You’ll have been allocated a copy group executive who can help. To find out who they are, enter your agency or company name into the Find your copy clearance executive box on our contact us page. Alternatively, call us on 020 7339 4700 and we’ll connect you.

Getting a script cleared

How much does it cost to clear a script?

Clearances are free, as long as:

Teleshopping scripts that will be for ads longer than five minutes are charged at standard rates. We charge for other scripts on a case-by-case basis.

How long does it take to clear a script? It depends on how complex the script is, but we always aim to meet our service levels.

Which broadcasters does Clearcast clear scripts for? Clearcast is owned and funded by the major UK broadcasters, which means we only clear scripts for ads to be aired by those broadcasters. See the channels for which we clear scripts.

Does Clearcast clear scripts for other broadcasters? We are happy to offer our services to broadcasters wishing to use them. Please contact us to discuss.

How do we upload our script? Scripts being submitted for clearance must be uploaded into Adway, our ad clearance system.

How do we check the progress of our script in clearance? Our Adway service is the best place to start. The submission details will show a status:

  • New means the submission is currently in your contact’s inbox, awaiting their attention.
  • In progress means your contact is working on your script, or it is with their second reader for their comments. Don’t make any changes in Adway at this point without contact us first.
  • Pending agency means your contact has considered the script and has placed comments on Adway that require your attention.

Our script has changed. Can we update it in Adway? Yes — but if your script is showing as ‘in progress’ please speak to your Clearcast contact first. To update a script:

  1. Sign in to Adway
  2. Open the submission
  3. Choose the History tab
  4. Select Update script (at the bottom)
  5. Select Browse...
  6. Choose and upload your script as normal

Our clearance request requires a consultant’s input. How long will it take? When input from a specialist consultant is required, we do our best to work with them as quickly as possible. Typically, it takes a week or so. However, this does depend on the how complex the issue is and how complete your supporting evidence is.

Key advertising rules

Can our scripts use swearing or expletives? Probably not. Bad language can offend large numbers of people, particularly where it is unexpected. It is unlikely to be acceptable in advertising.