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Case Studies landing page

What better way to show you how our Copy Development service works than to demonstrate with a handful of case studies?

A Case Study - Bioglan Superfoods - June 2015
Often advertisers want to make claims that require assessment by one of our external consultants. Find out how the consultant will be involved in the copy development discussions.


A Case Study - Ovo Energy - January 2014
Ovo Energy were looking to develop their first tv campaign with their creative agency Fabula and needed help from the Copy Development service to avoid breaching the denigration rule.


A Case Study - Wharf Media - May 2013

Find out how our Copy Development Manager, Seb Lynch, developed solutions to fix a kitchen commercial which breached the rules on comparative advertising.


A Case Study - HEINEKEN International - May 2013

Read about how Seb helped HEINEKEN rework their commercial about responsible drinking to bring it in line with stringent alcohol rules.