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Clearcast Out-Of-Hours


LateClearcast ad clearanceOut-Of-Hours

We’llClearance helpor getDevelopment yourservices adsany today air onor time of the week

UnderSometimes you need to get an ad cleared for broadcast in a hurry or you need our standardfeedback service levels, onceon a pre-production script hasover beenthe approved it takes upweekend to twomove daysonto forthe usnext stage of production. Or, maybe you’re releasing an ad in response to reviewcurrent post-productionaffairs, videos,advertising bothtime-sensitive roughproducts cuts andor clockedsimply TVCs.had to make some last-minute edits.

However,****Whatever the situation, we know sometimesthat our office hours don’t always coincide with agencies’ hours, and that is why we have created the new ‘Clearcast Out of Hours’ service. The service simply means that agencies and advertisers can now get access to our clearance and development services at any time of the day and any day of the week.

The only condition is that you need to getlet clocked,Seb finishedknow adsby approved3 faster.pm Perhapson you’rethe advertising a time-sensitive product like a newspaperday or makingon last-minuteFriday changesif the work is over the weekend.

The service is available from 6 pm on weekdays and all weekend.

It’s important to thesay contentthat ofyou an ad.

In these situations, we maywon’t be able to acceptcontact andSeb clearor youranyone finishedat adClearcast withoutside of working hours unless the followingwork dayhas dependant differences:

  • been From Monday to Thursday, we’ll provisionally approve your ad so it can be broadcast that evening and up to 10am the following day.
  • On Fridays, we’ll provisionally approve your ad so it can be broadcast that evening and up to 10am the following Monday.

If you have an ad that requires this sort of clearance, please let your Clearcast contact know as soon as possible. Then once your ad is ready, it must be fully uploaded into our CopyCentral system by 5pm on the day in question.

This allows us to make technical checks, provisionally clear the ad and provide clearance to the broadcaster in good time. Note that this is for ads due on air, not simply playing out.

Getting clearance after 5pm

If you need a late clearance but are unable to provide your clocked, finished ad by 5pm, we may still be able to provide clearance that evening.

If you require this service, you must let your contact knowprearranged by 3pm soand wethat can confirm whether we haveway staff available.

However, please note:

  • We cannot guarantee this service will be available
  • on We can only do this by arrangement
  • It is unlikely that finished ads that have no approved pre-production script will be eligible
  • There is a charge of £250 + VAT per clock up to six clocks
  • There is a charge of £1,500 + VAT for six or more versions of the same ad
  • There is a charge of £250 + VAT per clock for ads for different products, even if submitted by the same agency
  • You must upload your ad by 6pm (with the upload process starting at least 30 minutes before then)


Contact youSeb haveLynch questionsby aboutemail latefor ada clearance,quote pleaseor speakgive tohim youra usualcall Clearcaston contact.02073394771.

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