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All the forms you need to submit ads and scripts for clearance

When you submit an ad or script to us for clearance, it’s important you include all the details we need to process the clearance efficiently.

To help you do this, we have a number of standard forms that you should fill in and include with your submission.

The exact forms required for any given ad will depend on the nature of that ad. Please speak to your Clearcast contact if you’re not sure what you need to send us.

Available forms

All forms are provided in either Microsoft Word or PDF format. If you require an alternative format, please speak to your Clearcast contact.

For submitting scripts for clearance:
Script template

Example of a completed script

For adverts featuring testimonials or endorsements:
Testimonial form

For adverts featuring claims:
Claims support form

Claims support model guidelines

For adverts featuring price reductions or special offer messages:
Retail substantiation form

Example of a completed retail substantiation form

CTSI Guidance For Traders On Pricing Practices

For adverts featuring credit offers:
Consumer Credit Act compliance form

For adverts featuring food products:
HFSS (Nutrition Profile) certificate

Practical guidance for HFSS advertising

DoH nutrient profiling technical guidance

For adverts featuring toys:
Toys checklist

For adverts that will only be running as video on demand (VoD) ads: Advertiser’s assurance for video on demand ads

For adverts featuring gambling or gaming services:
Gambling offers substantiation form

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