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Meet our consultants

Get together with our expert advertising consultants

The BCAP Code governing broadcast advertising in the UK covers an enormous range of sectors, including specific regulations on everything from food and drink to gambling, politics and religion.

Adverts in some of these sectors often make claims in their ads (food & drink, cosmetics, cleaning products etc) so in this case, we sometimes have to refer ads to expert consultants in order to clear them for broadcast with confidence.

We work closely with these consultants whenever we need to, but we’ve found it’s helpful for agencies, advertisers, broadcasters to meet them directly.

To find out about all of our consultants and their areas of expertise click here. Not all of our consultants are available for Meet The Consultant sessions. If in doubt, ask your Clearcast contact.

While we can’t clear specific scripts or claims at these meetings, they provide a chance to talk through issues, discuss the pitfalls of specific creative ideas and gain a better understanding of the overall state of a particular sector or type of ad.

How to meet our consultants

All meetings happen at our London office. This is a premium service rather than part of our standard service, and as such charges apply.

If you’d like to set up a meeting, please speak to your Clearcast contact or send an email to Please note that the Meet the Consultant service is not available for all of Clearcast's consultants. Below is a table of some of our most frequently used consultants that are generally available for meetings, but it may well be possible to arrange a meeting with others.

Cosmetics and skincare (dermatology)
Consultants — Dr. Jack Ferguson, Dr. Chris Gummer
Consultant — Coming soon
Cleaning products
Consultants — Dr. Chris Gummer, Mark Smith
General medicine
Consultants — Dr. Richard Morgan

If you'd like to read more about how this can help the clearance process, you can find a case study of our Copy Development service coupled with a consultant meeting here.

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