Escalation process

Escalation processes

Learn about what to do if things don’t quite go to plan

Our escalation processes explain how we deal with hiccups and concerns during script or ad clearance. These clear escalation processes ensure that any occasional hitches get resolved quickly.

How to escalate issues with Clearcast

Delays in clearance

We always do our best to clear scripts and ads as quickly as we can and problems are rare. However, if we fail to meet agreed deadlines or other delays occur with your script or ad, you can escalate the issue with our team:

  • If script approval is unreasonably delayed , you can raise this with our head of copy clearance.
  • If delays have occurred following referral to a Clearcast consultant, this can also be raised with the head of copy clearance.
  • If approval of a rough cut or clocked ad has been delayed, you can raise this with our operations manager.

Problems getting clearance

Approving a script or ad can be a complicated business, especially in heavily regulated industries. We make every effort to provide clearance in good time, but in the event of problems there are a range of ways to escalate the issue:

  • If you feel your Clearcast contact has been unhelpful or has not cooperated with you, contact their line manager. You might do this if:
    • You believe evidence has not been considered properly.
    • You believe your contact has not made full use of Clearcast resources.
    • Your request to have something discussed by our copy committee has been dismissed.
    • Your contact has been unwilling to offer provisional approval on an ad.
    • You believe your contact has unreasonably declined an ad, or implemented unreasonable restrictions.

  • If we have received advice from a consultant but have not acted on it reasonably, you can approach our copy group manager.

How we will escalate issues with you

We maintain excellent working relationships with our clients and always aim to work productively together. After all, we’re here to help you get your ads ready to air.

However, if we do run into any problems, we occasionally raise these at a senior level in the client’s business. This might happen if:

  • You place unreasonable demands on your Clearcast contact.
  • You demand an unreasonable level of consultation.
  • You make frivolous requests to raise issues at our copy committee.
  • You make unreasonable demands for clocked ads to be viewed.
  • You make unreasonable demands for provisional ad approval.

Working together effectively

We strive to create open, honest working relationships with every client. If you ever have concerns about how we are working with you, we welcome your feedback. After all, the sooner problems are raised, the quicker we can deal with them.

Similarly, we will contact you if we identify ways in which we can improve our working relationship.

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