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Teleshopping ad clearance

Learn how to submit teleshopping ads for clearance

Because teleshopping ads tend to be of a different nature and length to other adverts, we handle them slightly differently too.

In fact, we've put together a booklet full of all the most useful advice. If you need to know about Clearcast and teleshopping in general or are looking for specific advice in a contentious area, then download our booklet right here.

The Clearcast Guide To Teleshopping Clearance

Submitting a teleshopping ad

The process for submitting a teleshopping ad is very similar to all other ads. You should submit the ad, plus supporting materials, through CopyCentral . Please follow the guidelines described in the clearance process.

If you are adapting a foreign advert, please send us a script rather than a video. This makes it easier to enter subsequent revisions into the system.

When your teleshopping ad contains claims, please use our standard claims support form to substantiate these:

Claims support form Claims support model guidelines

How we handle teleshopping ads

Under our standard service levels, teleshopping ads typically take a bit longer to turn around than other ads. The longest ads can take up to 12 working days. See all response times

If your ad is longer than 5 minutes then there will be a charge for clearance:

  • For a new submission, you will be charged £600.
    This includes subsequent changes to phone numbers and website addresses, but does not cover other changes.

  • For revisions, you will be charged £150.
    This covers changes to the submitted ad — such as the duration of the commercial of the products being offered.

  • We’ll tell you if you need to pay a charge once we’ve received your ad via CopyCentral. Full details are in our terms and conditions.

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