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Get the right advice when running ads internationally

The world feels like a smaller place than ever. And increasingly, advertisers are developing ads to run in multiple countries.

But when it comes to achieving ad clearance, this approach makes things harder. Every country has its own cultural norms, and so each has its own rules — with a different regulator to enforce them.

Get international copy advice

You can use our international copy advice and pre-clearance service to get assistance when developing ads to run internationally. The service enables you to do two things:

  • Ask questions about running ads. We’ll pass your questions on to the regulatory bodies (where they exist) for the countries you select and then collate the responses for you. You only have to complete your request once, but it’s sent to all relevant bodies.

  • Submit ads for clearance. You can use the service to submit your ads to be cleared for broadcast by the relevant regulatory bodies. For countries to which we can’t directly submit ads, we’ll let you know who you need to contact.

Our international clearance service has a fee to manage the process. You may also have to pay fees to submit your requests to certain countries. Where fees apply, we’ll state them clearly.

Get started with international clearance

To use this service, just email Danny Turner at

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