Pitch and Research Scripts


Pitch and Research Scripts

Call on our advice even before you've won the account

Our core service, clearing ads for broadcast, is free to the industry. But did you know we offer a whole host of additional premium services? Advertisers want to know that your pitch ideas will be able to get on TV, and agencies don't want to face a hard-won client with the news that their great idea wasn't accepted by Clearcast. And if you’re putting scripts into research, the last thing you want to do is waste time and money getting feedback from focus groups on ideas that won’t get cleared for TV.

So step forward our Pitch and Research Review service.

When you're pitching for an account, upload your script(s) to CopyCentral in the usual way, but select the pitch/research button. We'll take a look and provide thorough feedback.

For more info on this service, please click here.

And to read the relevant news item posted when we launched the service, click here.

To discuss a pitch or research script, contact Seb Lynch.

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