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Wharf Media Case Study - May 2013

How we helped this ad agency

Our copy development work with Wharf Media began when the advertising agency submitted a kitchen company advert to us for approval.

Initially, we were unable to approve the ad. It featured an unfair comparison between the advertiser’s fully-fitted kitchen and a flat-pack competitor. The ad was in clear breach of the rules.

This was a significant problem for Wharf Media so they enlisted the help of our copy development service to find ways to adapt the ad. The goal? To create an ad that could be approved, while still making the comparison that the client wanted.

Several possible solutions

Our copy development manager devised a number of solutions, all of which could bring the ad into line with the BCAP Code rules on comparisons and denigration.

The proposed changes included:

  • Stating the names of both the client’s kitchen and the flat-pack kitchen.
  • Including some legal text, known as a verification super, so consumers could see for themselves whether the client’s kitchen was the cheaper of the two.
  • Removing some lines from the voiceover and repositioning other lines to avoid any implied denigration of the flat-pack kitchen.
  • Presenting the two products in an unbiased way. We advised that footage of the two products should be re-shot so that they could be shown as they are presented at the point of sale.

All advice was given following consultation with our daily policy and copy meeting, so Wharf Media could be fully confident that its ad would be accepted for broadcast with the changes.

Broadcast without complaints

The result was a commercial that the client was very happy with. It has been broadcast without any complaints. Wharf media says...

“Clearcast worked with us closely to come up with creative solutions that allowed us to move forward with that concept and still fall within the BCAP Code. We had a final version presented to Clearcast within the week and it was cleared without question.”

“We’ll use the copy development service again. It saved us large legal costs and Clearcast’s correspondence was clear and easily understood by ourselves and our clients.”

- Alistair Freegard, Wharf Media UK

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